How’d I do today?

It’s fairly frustrating for me lately.

I believe I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss but last visit to the Dr. he just didn’t believe I was eating as I’d recorded in my journal. So here’s today so far, other than the coke and my once a week treat at staff morning tea I can’t see anything wrong with my intake.

I’ve started to use ww points as a rough benchmark because I can get a more accurate reading of kcals+saturated fat, rather than just kcals, in case I really am eating the wrong foods somehow, or making an obvious mistake.

  • Early breakfast of unprocessed bran (30g) with low-fat milk (100ml) – 1.6pts
  • Grapes, small bunch, for 9am snack – 1pt
  • Staff morning tea, small jam tart (cream topped) with fruit and coca-cola for drink- 5.7pts – this is once a week only, not an every day thing.
  • Lunch, Salad of cucumber, capsicum, tomato, 20g chicken, 20g cheese, 2 mini vege sushi rolls – 4.2pts
  • Afternoon tea snack of cottage cheese + vege sticks – 1.5pts
  • Dinner is planned to be Hoisin Turkey with Broccoli, no rice (had with the mini sushi instead) – 3.5pts

Total: 17.5pts – leaving 4.5pts remaining

If I take into account the amount of walking I did too and from work today I also earned at least 3 ‘bonus’ points (and that’s eering on the low side because I didn’t stop-watch my longer walk this afternoon) I’m 7.5 points up this evening.

So really, WTF, why did I put on weight last week? I eat like this all the time, I exercise A LOT (no car, no choice, walk. walk. walk.).

It’s so frustrating!

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