Routine. The secret to success?

After experiencing what I feel is a serious case of diet burn-out I’ve spent the last month not tracking, not counting points, and eating as I saw fit. I pretty much maintained my weight for three weeks but have gained 2kg in the last week and a half, so back to points for me!

Since my leader went on maternity leave the meeting experience hasn’t been as useful for me. Given the length of time I’ve been on the points plan I don’t actually get much helpful information from the weekly topics, they’re fairly commonsense for the most part.

So after a great deal of contemplation I’ve decided to drop my weight watchers membership from ‘unlimited’ back to ‘etools’ (online only). If for some reason I begin to miss the support I have the option of going back but I don’t see that happening.

And also hi mum! ;p

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