Pushing on…


Feeling really ill this weekend, a head cold, but I have a huge list of things to do with one of my last pre-holiday weekends.

Hoping to be a bit kind to myself I have decided not to bother leaving the house all day. Plan being with that kindness in place I can look as rubbish as I feel while still being semi-productive.

Done so far:

  • set up a slow cooker meal
  • made my bread dough (cheese loaf this week)
  • laundry
  • started patching servers via VPN back to work
  • researched some sports clubs to join when I’m back in September so I have some non-couple friends
  • hoovered the loft
  • started my tax

There’s still quite a bit of sorting to be done post the departure of Mr J, but I think for now I’ll just concentrate on finishing the above before I move on to adding something else to the list.

Hey, I may even have a shower if I’m feeling really super-human.

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  1. Heather

    Sorry your feeling ill. Bread looks like it turned out well. Like the bright banner for your blog. I am also thinking of “must start to organise prior to departure”.
    Get well soon.

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