Working with perspective sees us revisiting the friendly orbs. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to feel messy and artistic today with lots of blending suggested to create that distinctive 3d effect caused by light falling across a shape.

I inadvertently began working on lesson two’s content half-way through lesson one. That’s the good thing I’m finding about the book so far, it’s filled with logical progression.

By the end of this lesson your first 3d circle will have a friend. The introduction of this friend is what introduces depth and shadow leading to perspective.

I’m not producing lots of different drawings in my suggested 20 minute window. Partially this is due to me reading the chapters (although again today’s chapter is just 5 pages long) but also I’m finding it really hard to work without making something that looks perfect.

Note to self: let go and let yourself be messy.

A collection of happy orbs drawn on a page

“I like your balls, they’re really good balls… *giggle*” Mr J loves my drawings, we’re a mature pair.

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