Just f’ing do it


The contrast between who I am, and who I used to be strikes me at odd times lately.

I just finished getting my clothing ready for tomorrow, everything’s placed out ironed and ready to roll, ensuring I can’t possibly waste a minute of work-out time tomorrow morning. I have snacks portioned out in my fridge, and over a week’s worth of pre-made dinners in my freezer.

A year ago I would have been lucky to find matching socks when I rushed (late) to catch a bus in order to avoid a 12 minute walk to work. I would have been hungry, have slept through three snoozes on my alarm, and there’s no way I would’ve had a packed lunch ready to go (hello tuckshop).

Now I walk, early, after eating and with a lunch for later. Sometimes I walk in the wrong direction and incorporate another suburb in my walk to work just for fun.

Occasionally these changes freak me out – mini moments of identity crisis – but overall I don’t think I even noticed the huge change happening. It just happened one little decision at a time, slowly I slid into a different version of myself through hundreds of little changes.

I wonder how I’ll be a year from now?

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