Reassess and Refocus – how YOU doing?


Since Sydney things have been slowly degrading. I’ve been letting little habits creep back into my life that could kill my progress super quickly (REALLY check out the round 2 initial weigh in). So frustrating considering I worked really hard to eliminate the same stuff over the past six months.

Something drastic had to be done – so instead of going it alone for Round 2 I rejoined the program so I could focus on diet this time around.

Then because I’ve been considering it again and again christmas I decided to rework my budget (changed health funds and home insurance – kah-ching) and join the gym that just opened down the road.

I have something positive to do in the evenings now 🙂

Also my fitness test upgraded my program to intermediate instead of beginner fitness level this time around – so I’m back in the world of hurt delayed onset muscle soreness can cause.

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  1. Tony

    Hey Bec, don’t be too hard on yourself, remember that when you are training, the scales lie!. Measurements ,clothes fitting and how you are feeling are a good guide.
    Take the posatives and go with them, you are rocking some awesome training sessions, and you definitely have the mental strength if you can push yourself to over 200 hr. 🙂

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