The ‘to be read’ pile…

I’ve always been a reader.

Not a little bit of a reader either, growing up my dad had to screw together bookcases in my bedroom until an entire wall was covered in shelves. Being sent to my room where I could crack open a novel wasn’t really punishment.

Consuming knowledge used to fill all my spare moments. I loved to read, but I also loved to learn. It was amazing the things that took my fancy, military strategy, knitting, genetics, Viking runes, philosophy. Anything could be learnt if I could get my hands on the right book.

Then I grew up.

Adulthood has filled my days with its fun mix of work, bills and drudgery, somewhere along the line I stopped reading for fun, then I stopped altogether.

But I kept buying books… Seems you can take the girl out of the reader, but you can’t take the reader out of the girl.

So I’ve got a massive ‘To Be Read Pile’, and a ridiculous amount of those books speak to my desire to keep learning. And the situation just keeps getting worse with eBooks. Because who can resist a $3 how-to book? Or a safari books online download?

I therefore declare it’s time to read!

For the sake of my own sanity, and my bedside table’s weight limit I’m going to check in each Monday and Thursday with my progress reading and learning from the ridiculously large pile of self-education books I own.

I’m going to begin with ‘You can Draw in 30 Days’ by Mark Kistler.

You can draw in 30 days Cover Image

This book was purchased as a reward when I changed job roles in June 2013. I’m sure you can agree that was more than a little while ago, but I’m proud this particular book hasn’t been waiting over a year (unlike some of it’s shelf-mates).

Time to free my creative impulses and put pencil to paper.

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