Spheres and light

Much the same as one of the first lessons in animation is usually squash and stretch with a ball, we begin the 30 day drawing program with a sphere.

You’ll walk away today with a collection of 3d-looking friendly little blobs on your page.

A collection of hand drawn spheres in pencil on a notebook.

Spheres are a forgiving shape, all curves and non-threatening dips where light can fall between the edges.

Soft edges come into play quickly as the majority of the chapter is dedicated to the relationships between light sources, edges and shadows.

I couldn’t help but keep thinking of camera placements while scribbling my light sources out.

Having worked with basic 3d modelling previously this was a fairly intuitive collection of information broken down into a series of logical drawing steps.

A quick read of a five page chapter left plenty of time in my planned 20 minute window to churn out some large and small spheres, and more importantly blend away at my shadows getting my fingers thoroughly dirty for the authentic artistic experience.

Quite a satisfying half an hour!

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