Many Spheres – Handle it!

Lesson three is a longer chapter (14 pages) with a lot of fun details provided about texture, light-placement for 3d cut-outs, and light v size v perspective. In the chapter introduction Kistler also introduces a few pieces of an artists toolkit including the delightfully named ‘stomp’ (or ‘stump’) which you can use instead of a finger for blending your pencil lines.

Again you’ll be working with spheres, but you’re encouraged to mix up their size and texture in the bonus challenge.

I didn’t get to finish everything I wanted from this lesson the thirty minutes I’d put aside for this, immediately below is what was achieved in that time.

Lesson 3

I’m going to progress through the rest of the content later on. There’s some great techniques to play with, including cutting into the spheres to turn them into hollow shapes, and suggestions for texture play too.

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