12WBT Round 1 Results

12 week transformation results.

Twelve weeks over already! I can’t believe it! So much has happened this year already!

My program highlights 🙂

  • I’ve lost 31cms from my body
  • I’ve dropped from a size 18 to a size 14-16.
  • I lost 5.2kg within the actual 12 weeks, a bit less than my 500g per week average target. Way better than the weight I’d have gained without starting the program and finding my motivation again though!
  • I’ve given up a really unhealthy 1-2L per day diet soft drink habit.
  • I’m correctly hydrated and my skin is way nicer than it was.
  • I can run for more than 1km in less than 7 minutes and I LIKE IT!
  • I have a clean and functional kitchen now.

I’ve signed up for Round 2. Going in to the next round with a better idea of what to expect from the program has me very excited! Over the next few weeks I’m going to put together a program featuring only the meals I LOVED from this round. So I always have a winning fall-back if I discover I’m not a fan of some round 2 meals.


Goals for next round…


  1. Get to 75kgs
  2. Do 10 push-ups on my toes
  3. Be able to run for 20mins non stop again.

Wish me luck!

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