Back up to my pre-wedding weight now.  I kind of expected that this week after how little I’ve been attempting to eat correctly or take care of myself but it still stung a little when I stood on the scales.

I think a lot of the issue is that my body has become used to the amount of walking I do per day. I’m going to have to either start running, ride instead or do a combination of both to shock my body into recognising the exercise as actual exercise.

I’m back to using formula food for breakfast instead of the haphazard approach I was taking. I think this is a better idea overall because each week I was sure to spend at least three days skipping breakfast and the other days I ate terrible food.

I’ve installed the hacker’s diet plugin to my wordpress dash and I’m looking for a widget for tracking exercise times. Those two little tools in addition to actually posting once a day should keep me aware enough of what I’m doing to make an impact on my lifestyle decisions.

I hope!

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