One down…

I’m proud to say Mr and I have officially survived our first year of marriage!

One year ago today I was having ornate metal pins stabbed through an impossibly tight up-do and feeling more than slightly punch-drunk from lack of sleep. Maybe one day when I grow up I’ll give myself a bed time because minus stabbing an up-do today started off much the same. There were birthday phone calls to attend too however, so no rest for the wicked!

That’s right – anniversary and birthday in one – presents for everyone in our little household, what a party!

Mr and I spent a lovely day trip rocking around the South Bank Markets. Both of us bought some art for our respective ‘office’ areas in the house and lapped up the sun.

We met my sister and our niece while we were over the river and it was great to have a relaxing day together. I’m beginning to think Mr and I should arrange our lives so we don’t actually have any plans every weekend.

I think hedonism bot would agree!

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