On Spare Time

The hardest thing for me to do after all the post-wedding dust has settled is decide where I should focus my energies now.

I know I want to write again, then there’s learning japanese for our trip overseas next year or I could throw myself into a photography course – I really do want to understand the technicalities involved there, I’d really like to do something involving multimedia again too…

I could choose more than one, run my life with multiple extra-curricular activites, but I have the awful feeling I’ll end up half-assing my way to adaquacy with all of it and then give it up. Grown-up Bec wants to have hobbies of a lifetime (or at least more than a month or so).

During high-school I had friends whose lives were filled to the brim with activities. To my outsider’s point of view they had incredible talents and were achieving something I couldn’t possibly ever do (but so desparetely wanted to). I know from subsiquent conversations and an adult perspective that most likely none of them were as happy as I thought. Hell some of them thought the lifestyle of my friend’s and I who had part-time jobs was the pinicle of teenage success.

I’m in a position now to taste a little of that lifestyle I so desparetely wanted to experence years ago, but no matter what I decide to do with myself I know now I’m going to do it right.

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