Maybe not ‘always’…

Today went well, managed to curb my 3pm hunger pangs with tea and snow-peas. For those playing at home I like green tea with mint leaves, allowed to cool to mildly warm with the bag left in (if applicable).

Living a month off Duromine’s artificial hunger suppression and stimulation I’ve weened myself down to one coke a day. I think it’s time to take the plunge and give it up.

Earlier this year I was drinking more than 2L of Diet Coke each day. Don’t worry, I was drinking water too (and peeing like a racehorse woo!) but I had a lot of recurring headaches. After doing some research into reasons for feeling like shit I decided Aspartame may be causing me issues. Switching back to regular coke (in much smaller amounts because of the sugar) wasn’t too hard. It seems to me now that I’m drinking that one remaining can per day out of habit rather than enjoyment.

Given my overall goal to change stupid habits now seems as good a time as any to squish this one.

Noms for the day

  • Bran + Milk @ 1.6pts
  • Mexican Chicken Sandwich + Coke 9
  • Salad 3.7
  • Snowpeas & Cottage Cheese 1.5
  • Turkey Stir-Fry 3.5
  • Water > 2L (we’re having a heat-wave, note to self; try not to leap into the water fountain)
  • Green Tea x 2 cups

WW Total: 19.3 of 22 allocated
‘Excercise Bonus’: +1.5 (didn’t need to use them and too many in the bank)

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