Light as a feather

I’ve had a strange feeling all day.

Last time I gave up caffeine I had this feeling too, almost as though I’m actually present in my body for the first time in ages. I certainly haven’t given up caffeine again but maybe it’s because I’ve started actively sleeping more? I don’t believe it’s the exercise or lost much weight as it’s too soon. Maybe it’s a feeling of ‘healthiness’ it could be the beginning perhaps, but not the whole enchilada.

Speaking of… There’s a mexican themed night out on Friday and I’m trying to plan ahead how to handle the meal planning. I’m working with a daily calorie deficiate of at least 500 on the Hacker’s diet so I’m thinking that if I order two tacos and some salad I’ll be okay.

I think I’ll check if the restaurant has a website I can consult for nutritional info.

In other news my bum is sore from riding my bike to work for the first time since I broke my right middle finger. I had to get off and push for the three big hills but I think compared to my fitness level when I initally started to ride I’m doing okay for myself. It’s certainly much easier to ride now I’ve fitted my bike.

I was a little distressed to find my multi-tool missing from my under saddle bag when I arrived at work. I haven’t been able to find it around the house and I’ve got an awful feeling that it has managed to work its way out of a loose zip during a ride.

I’ll have to go shopping this weekend if I don’t find it in the meantime. Can’t be riding around without a basic toolset.

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