Lazy weekends…

Seems like sleeping in is going to be a thing of the past while I’m on the meds. I think I’d be more sad about it if I wasn’t getting the added energy along with an early wake up, I do miss waking up slowly though. Hopefully that will come back.

I bought two new fish today and upgraded the fish tank to a more rectangular affair. There’s unrest in the community as a result, the new Platinum Gourami is acting very aggressively to the existing male in the tank. If he hasn’t settled down by tomorrow I’ll pop a divider in the water so they can’t nip at each other. I knew they could sometimes be territorial, but I haven’t ever seen fish get this worked up.

The second new guy was a common pleco, the idea being I can try and get a proactive hold on tank algae before it’s a huge issue. He’s been fairly placid since I transferred him into the tank, waking up a bit more now it’s dark though.

My official weigh-in was 96.3kg, I’m happy enough with that considering on Wednesday I was hovering at the 98kg mark.

All in all I’ve had a great Saturday.

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