Following that thought….

I went shopping at Aldi today to see how it stacked up against the regular shop I do at Woolies behind my house.


Writing down my worst case scenario shop (weekly food + cleaning supplies) this was how they compared. At Aldi I was even able to get steggles chicken and V if I wanted to. It wasn’t all unknown brands to me (as I remember it being last year when I initally visited).

Woolies – $130.25
Aldi – $84.25

Working out my various weekly, fortnightly and monthly savings I’ve figured out that shopping at Aldi (and minusing the bus fare I spend getting there) I can save $1659 a year by switching to Aldi.

This even includes introducing a weekly packet of chocolate biscuits and a few other luxury items back into my diet!!!

Goodbye Woolworths!

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