Three things to do when you’ve got a cold

A wonderful week has passed for my family culminating in a wedding that was much looked forward to and very beautiful to be a part of.

True to form though, I’ve come down with a cold after taking some time off work. It seems I need to learn how to relax without turning off my immune system.

In the spirit of my current couch-bound existence here are my top three tips for being kind to your body when you’ve come down with a cold.


1. Have a warm drink

Cold drinks contract the skin in your throat – for me it makes a sore throat SO MUCH more painful despite the initial numbness the cool temperature promotes. To soothe my soreness I much prefer to have a lovely honey and lemon tea (I make mine without sugar). Honey and lemon are well known soothing ingredients (lemsip uses them for a reason) and the drink’s ingredients are easy to keep on hand. 1tsp Lemon juice, 2tsp honey and some hot water – so simple!

Another good warm drink to try is miso soup, or any other thin broth (chicken soup is nice and traditional) this gets some nutrients into you if you’re having a hard time actually eating solids.


2. Vitamin C Loading

There’s a great deal of debate about the scientific proof behind bulk loading your system with Vitamin C to treat a virus.

However, I’ve found since I started the practice my colds last for much less time, and are a lot less severe. Given that chewable vitamin C is less than $5 for the amount I’d use for a normal cold’s duration I think it’s a practice worth continuing in case it actually is working.


3. Drink More Water!

Ignoring the obvious bonus that water helps flush the bad guys out of your body, look at your bin full of tissues and imagine all the fluid leaving your system that represents!

When you’re fighting off a mild fever and growing the ammunition for a runny nose you’re burning through way more fluids than normal, this can dehydrate your system very quickly. Make sure you’re topping up your body’s fluids slowly and continuously throughout the day.

Remember to do this slowly – it’s vital that you don’t just drink a massive volume at once when your food intake isn’t up to its normal level or you risk water intoxication.


What do you do to help fight off the common cold?


  1. Hey Bec, Hope you are feeling better, I have been very lucky for a long time now (touch wood) and haven’t had to deal with a cold.

    But back when I was full on training, I seemed to be susceptable to anything going around. I was a firm believer in the vitamin C loading, I would chew them all day like lollies. Rest is important, and my coach was an advocate for garlic as well.
    Its hard to know what worked, but I was convinced the vitamin C did.

    1. Hi Tony,

      Back on deck today. Thanks for the get well wishes!

      I’ve heard from a few of my athletic friends that it’s normal to get sick fairly frequently when you’re getting into quite intense training. I’m just making sure I take better care of myself nutrition wise.

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