In early May I made the decision to drop the 12wbt in favour of a more personalised one-on-one approach to my whole fitness and nutrition programme.

To be clear, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with 12wbt. I loved the food on Michelle’s programme, but had to really heavily customise the 6 day workouts. I feel exercise on 12wbt works well for people without injury but rapidly falls apart when you need to cut up the workouts.

Not being able to exercise according to the rules killed my motivation. If you don’t have physical issues, or are cool with customising then it is absolutely a fantastic plan.

That said I did a lot of research about food programs, gyms, dietitians, well known weekly meeting programs, and less well known Brisbane only stuff… Enter Wesley Lifeshape, run by Wesley Corporate Health.

I had pre-meetings with staff so we could assess if the way they work would work for me. I had full blood work and body composition tests, and once cleared of medical issues which may impact my success I signed up for a year with Lifeshape.

Basic rundown of what I’m doing is:

  • 12 Months (there’s 3, 9 and 12 month program lengths)
  • 1 x Team of specialists (Dr, Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian, Psychologist)
  • 1 x weekly meeting with someone from above team (usually the Dietitian).
  • Daily base activity target (10 000 steps measured by fitbit)
  • 3 – 5 hours planned cardio a week
  • 2 – 3 30 minute resistance sessions
  • 1200 calorie based balanced diet
  • And weekly homework…


Lifeshape isn’t cheap but I’m thankful I signed up for a number of reasons; constant feedback, ability to adapt program to my own needs, and a proven track record of their customers actually ‘finishing’ then not having to go back every few years.

Importantly for me, they don’t plan their business around keeping you hooked in for success beyond your chosen program timeframe.

It was also great to have a Dr pick up that I had a large vitamin D and calcium issue before it had a long term impact on my bone health.

So for the next 9 months I’ll be ‘on’ lifeshape.

Realistically though, I’ve rebooted my lifestyle and will live in this better balanced way for the rest of my life.

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