52 Weeks

This yo-yo bullshit needs to end.

According to my round 1 2012 stats I was 10kgs lighter this time last year. And I’m actually down from a post-xmas 100kg high.

There are plenty of excuses I could throw out at this point to justify this current state of affairs, that’s all they are though – excuses.

When it comes to the honest truth, I LOVE food, and I’m lazy. I am actually quite comfortable at the moment, and nobody teases me for being fat like might have happened at school. I wear fat quite well, and society is increasingly amiable to fat & fashionable.

Good for me now my pants don’t fit. I’ve had a good shopping month. Mr J thinks I look good. 🙂

But… I don’t want to be bothered by my weight for the rest of my life, my knees don’t lie, my skin doesn’t lie, my health doesn’t lie. All of them are worse than this time last year.

So I’m giving myself a year.

According to the numbers it should take 54 weeks of 0.5kg loss for me to make my BMI ideal weight of 72kgs. My Dr thinks that based on his experience I should aim for 79kgs as a realistic happy place. He’s a former footy Dr and thinks there’s some critical fail factors involved with BMI (he gestures to my plough horse muscle legs with a raised eyebrow).

So that’s my goal range 72 – 79 KGS. 1 year. No excuses.

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