Saturday Super Session

For today’s Saturday Super Session I decided to get outdoors for the whole event.

I started with a run from the story bridge riverwalk entry (on the city side), ran past Eagle Street Pier, into the Botanical Gardens, over the Goodwill bridge into Southbank and then through Southbank and back over the Victoria Bridge into the city. I’d burnt just less than 500 cals at this point so I headed past the back of the casino and down the hill into QUT, ran to the Garden’s Cafe and behind the riverstage back onto the riverwalk running track before heading back to Eagle Street Pier.

Only 700 cals burnt so I decided to catch a ferry across the river and hit the Kangaroo Point riverwalk track too.

I ran along from Thornton street until I suddenly stumbled across what I think are the Kangaroo Point stairs everyone’s been discussing on the 12WBT facebook page. Up I went, and then I ran around the lookout/park for a while until I figured out how to get back onto the main road so I could run across the Story Bridge and make my way home.

Quite a nice trip really, I must admit I was surprised at how short the KP stairs were, but they are nice and steep so I imagine doing them a few times would really hurt, one trip up wasn’t much to write home about (at this point I should admit I’ve been to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral in London – so my perception of a lot of stairs is likely WAY higher than normal – 530 fyi).

Here’s some pics from my mobile.

Rockface stairs at Kangaroo Point

View of the city from through the trees at Kangaroo Point

View along the road to the story bridge as taken from an overpass.

Top down view of my Run's start point today, Brisbane's Riverwalk.My heart rate monitor displaying the figure 1090kcal


  1. Heather

    Think if we had monitors for that London trip mine would have exploded on those St Paul’s stairs…definitely needed the sit down part way up. Great SSS for you. I will start running again next week so no SSS for me this weekend.

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