My butt hurts!

At a party a few weeks ago an acquaintance was discussing a new exercise class she’d attended and the fact, three days later, she was still feeling the effect of a particular exercise performed.

Being quite the idiot of late and building a new exercise routine myself I decided to give the following a go.

To work your glutes  and your lower abs, firstly ensure you have a slightly cushioned surface to lie on (I use my yoga mat).

  • Ensure you keep your lower back firmly on the floor (use your stomach muscles for this).
  • Keep one leg on the floor and lift your other leg to a 45 degree angle into the air.
  • Use the extended leg that’s up in the air to carefully write the full alphabet. Use controlled movements to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or pull a muscle!
  • Remember to breathe while you’re doing this, and keep your stomach tight to keep your lower back on the floor.
  • Once you hit Z with your first leg it’s time to use the other to do the same thing.

Feel the burn my internet friends – because it’s three days later and my butt still hurts!

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