How my smartphone keeps me on track

It’s hard to imagine only a few years ago I had to carry around a paper-based diary STUFFED with notes and inserts related to my ‘points plan’ (hello weight watchers). I was lost without it, seemingly unable to keep on track without my ‘plan’ close at hand!

All I can say is thank god for my smartphone!

The major benefits for me break down into the following basic categories, food tracking, exercise planning, and nutritional info referencing on the go.

The 12WBT website is also mobile enabled and invaluable for referencing the program on the go.


Food Tracking
I have tried SO MANY different food tracking apps, and I’ll save you some time – just get MyFitnessPal – it has a version for Apple & Andriod devices, and a Website that backs those two up for quick access via the web.

This means your data is synced on all your devices for you with no fuss. If you’ve used it’s almost the same thing, but with a touch friendly interface.

MFP has:

  • food tracking with keyword or barcode lookup (using your mobile’s camera),
  • reporting on your intake, gain/loss progress, daily/weekly calorie intake
  • exercise tracking with calorie burn estimations (for when you’ve forgotten your HRM)
  • The ability to customise your own food and exercise inputs (including building in your 12WBT recipes).

Nothing else I’ve used has been as fuss free as MFP, and it’s free! MyFitnessPal on Google Play


Exercise planning
There are literally hundreds (probably thousands) of apps to support or supply your exercise goals on the different app stores. I use google play store (android marketplace) and my top pick for running planning is MapMyRun, but Endomondo and RunKeeper are very popular too.


Nutritional Info Referencing
Did you know Calories = KJ / 4.184? Doing that maths in your head can suck in a supermarket.

Having my phone’s calculator handy to convert that 100g/100ml nutrition panel figure into the exact calorie measurement I prefer to use is invaluable for making smart choices.

Mobile internet also gives rapid access to company websites for the official word on their Nutritional Information.

For instance, I can use the web when checking out Subway’s menu, or Sumo Salad’s because I know it’s quick to find KJs on their sites.

I can also check out a restaurant’s details while I’m out and then quickly calculate the best option for me. Unplanned situations used to be a panic fueled guessing game – now I know exactly where I stand.


The 12WBT mobile site
The 12WBT program has a mobile aware version of their site, it’s compatible with most major mobile browsers. If it doesn’t auto-load on your phone and you’d like to check it out just hit from your phone or computer (you need to be signed up to the program to log in).

This is a great way to follow the program without printing off reams of paper!

I really like the quick links to the recipes broken down into logical categories, the check-box version of the shopping list, and the exercise references that you can load up at the gym.  You can also get your forum fix!


Have you ditched your paper diary? Do you have any favorite apps you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like the pictures, I went through a great deal of internal debate before I put them up but I felt very liberated once I had. Can’t wait to see your graphs too once we get into the swing of Round 2!

  1. I’m absolutely blown away by how far you’ve come, and how dedicated you are! I know the word gets thrown around a lot, but I think you’re definitely an inspiration! xx

    This post has got me thinking that I really need a decent phone, I always end up with my husbands hand-me-down mobiles. He is in IT also.

    Smartphones… are scary smart, you know the kind of scary smart in the movies where technology takes over? If only the phones could actually DO the shopping, AND the cooking! LOL

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