Health, I want to take it for granted.

Bus in MotionHealth means different things to different people.

To me it means not being aware of my body in a negative way. For instance, that feeling after you’ve been sick, when you’re not back to full health but you’re functional? That’s what I’m trying to get away from, that’s how I feel when I’m ‘fat’. I want to live in the time when you’re suddenly unaware you’ve been ill and you forget you could be ill again.

At the moment my feelings on health are intertwined with the idea of losing some weight, and getting to a good level of fitness.

A good example of this was the day (a few months ago) I realised I’d managed running for a bus without feeling awful when I sat down on the seat. I waited for that hot flush that I’d usually feel after a small sprint and it just didn’t happen – that was a great leap forward for me.

It’s that kind of thing that’s ‘healthy’ for me.

I guess I want to live in a state of taking for granted that my body is okay, and that I can rely on it to do what it has to when I ask it to.

Thank you once again to Whirlsie for such a great post prompt!

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