April Exercise Report

calendar with markers on each day for different excercise done in april

As you’ll recall I spent the bulk of April with injured legs and was banned from most forms of cardio/lower body weights.

I had fairly sore legs until the middle of the month, I started easing back into some sustained walking, until my leg tightened back up and my physiotherapist got me to pull back again.

For this reason April has two forms of tracking – stars for being a good girl and doing my physio exercises (including the gentle strength building – I do stretches every day). Smiley faces are for 30+ minutes of strength or very low impact cardio.


  • My leg issues started with a classic ‘Jones Fracture’ 5 years ago, this was judged hilarious by the hospital staff as I was a Miss Jones at the time. I had a lot of muscle damage where my ankle had rolled over that wasn’t very well dealt with at the time).
  • I wouldn’t have noticed anything was wrong if I hadn’t started running.
  • I wasn’t walking right and now walk completely differently – I now walk with my hips tucked (under where they should) be and my abs correctly engaged.
  • My calf muscles engage in WAY different locations 5-10cms higher on one leg – I’ve got leg exercises to rebuild the muscle strength correctly.
  • It’s possible to have a really strong set of glutes but not actually use them when walking – it’s not GOOD, but it’s completely possible LOL!


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