Accountability Post

Tomorrow I will get up and walk 5ks.

I’ll post a pic from my walk so you can all be sure I JFDI.

I’m over this no running thing 🙁

I feel a post Easter naughty eating gain coming on & I think running would have helped with that. Boo for red flag days, hooray that I’m getting back into my normal routine.

Also, I quit diet coke as of this minute!


  1. Tony

    Hey Bec, I shocked myself tonight when I just came out with “your looking good! you have lost a heap of weight”
    It just came out!, and then I thought, was that the right thing to say?, Well its true! You do look great, not that you didn’t look good before,( rock/hard place) 😉 but you know what I mean, Just keep looking for the posatives with the running issues, it will work out.

    Its a shame its getting colder (unless you are near an indoor pool) A friend of mine had a stress fracture in her foot and once ran a full marathon from just pool running, she didn’t run a step on the bitumen until the day of her marathon.

    Just remember but, you still need to enjoy lifes little treats!,
    Love the short hair!
    Have Fun 🙂

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for the comment. Don’t worry about paying me a complement, I thought it was lovely, thank you. I’m just a bit bad at taking complements in general, sorry if I gave you a funny reaction.

      I’m looking at working swimming back in to my work out routine in about a month (after my next fun run) hadn’t thought about it from a rehab perspective, more just a cardio replacement. Thanks for bringing it up.

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