Routine changes & Blow Outs

Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

That’ll teach me to think I’ve got things under control with my eating.

Following a week long cold and no exercise I’ve headed interstate for some training. Today I apparently reached the end of my good food only willpower… Since I touched down in Sydney I’ve done nothing but EAT EAT EAT!!!

In the grand scheme of things it hasn’t been an AWFUL day (I’ve been way worse historically – I mean I haven’t eaten a whole pizza or anything drastic), I’ve just eaten a lot of chocolate on top of what I’d usually eat, and ate doubles of my healthy snacks. I think I need to keep it in perspective no matter how it balances in terms of how I’ve been eating for the last three months.

It feels like a major issue but it’s NOT a major issue.

I think the lesson here is that I just have to say NO when offered something that isn’t on my plan, and I can’t enter danger zone shops even if I am indulging in a little touristy behavior.

The Great News: is that I chose my accommodation based purely on the fact it has a gym that opens at 5am so I can boogie down there and get in an AM workout before hitting classes.

So I’m going to treat today as the lesson it was, pull up my socks, then work out as planned every day for the rest of the week.

ChocolateThe ones I ate were quite similar to these tempting little minxes!


  1. Hey Bec,
    Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are going great!. The golden rule is that everything is ok in moderation, its not like you went nuts and binged on boxes and boxes of chocolates. You still need to live your life, and the fact that you are aware of your situation, and planned your accomodation accorgingly, shows you are still well on track!
    You ‘are’ in a different situation, and there is no harm in having a treat. The cold weather will have been making you more hungry than usual.
    I listened to an interesting podcast yesterday, Steve Gibson the IT Security expert has been looking into low carb diets and its chemical effect on the body. I found it so interesting here is the link

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