The Pizza Project

A few days ago Mr J and I sat down and worked out that we bought take away pizza every week last year (if we averaged it out). Given our standard order and that we always pay for delivery that weekly meal tallied a whopping $2340!

Given the above gigantic number we’ve decided homemade pizza is our joint New Year’s resolution.

Enter our fancy-pants new pizza stone ($17 on sale at Myer – thanks very much), our first ingredients shop (some single use content, and some multi use dough ingredients) and our initial 2011 pizza cost tally is $59.10. I’m going to keep a running tally as the year progresses in order to see how much we’ve saved.

Pizza stone with basil, tomato paste, tomatos, mushroom, herbs and cheese.

For those playing at home, the above are most of the ingredients for my favourite personal pizza – a Margarita with chicken and mushrooms, Mr J is more of a carnivore and I kept his deli selection in the fridge.


Half of finished pizza on the stone and half on a plate.

HUGE SUCCESS! Yummy base with just the right amount of toppings for me to be satisfied.

In my opinion Mr J’s side had too much meat on it (his is in the foreground), which made the middle of my half a little bit soggy, but we could have gone thinner on the base so we’re just going to split the dough in half next time and make two pizzas instead. Alternately we may split the dough in quarters and make four thin base smaller pizzas.

The Pizza Project is a go!

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