Sunday cook-o-rama!

Uh-oh it’s after closing time on Sunday! What’s a girl to do for her imminent weekday lunches when she’s spent the whole week in bed with a virus and hasn’t bothered to shop?

Old Bec would have hit the web and rustled up a pizza/pasta combo to double as Sunday dinner and Monday lunch, but new Bec decided to work a little smarter and scrounge like a champ… So let’s play Refrigerator Bingo!

On tonight’s draw card we have,

  • some wilted shallots
  • half a pack of light cheese
  • a bit of red onion
  • spinach
  • three garlic cloves
  • random herbs and spray oil in the pantry
  • 4 eggs
  • single serve of UHT skim milk
  • a quarter of a chorizo
  • a container of slightly iffy strawberries
  • pears
  • lemon juice, lime juice, and various sauces

Ladies and Gentlemen we have the makings of a Chorizo, spinach, and onion frittata and a mini fruit salad!!!

Frittatas are an awesome lazy meal, at a basic level they’re just chop, mix and bake. I chose to pre-cook some ingredients this evening, but you don’t have to do that with most recipes.

Here’s tonight’s dinner.

  • Pre heat the oven to 180c (mine is fan-forced)
  • Spray a pan with little oil, put the onion, garlic, shallots and spinach into it and cook on low until they’re all soft and wilted. Set this lot aside to cool slightly so it doesn’t instantly cook your egg when you mix it in.
  • 20120205-205131.jpg

  • While you’re waiting for the veggie mix to cool mix the eggs, cheese and milk together in a separate bowl.
  • 20120205-205114.jpg

  • Give a baking dish a spray with the oil and add some herbs to the bottom, add the chorizo to the bottom too.
  • 20120205-205125.jpg

  • Mix the veggies in to the egg & dairy bowl and then pour the whole lot evenly over the chorizo and herbs. I’ve included the herb bottles and oil for scale.
  • 20120205-205138.jpg

  • Cook until the top starts to brown, it took about 40 minutes in my oven.
  • 20120205-205144.jpg

  • nom, nom, nom

My fruit has also been pre-chopped for tomorrow, mostly because I needed to cut the yuck off the strawberries. A fun trick I know from Bento box days is that you can stop pre-cut fruit from degrading by giving it a slight coating of Citrus juice. I keep lemon and lime juice handy for that so my lunch fruit never goes brown.

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