Kitchen Capers

Check out my new stick mixer!

I’ve already cooked up a storm and am munching on a cauliflower, leek and potato soup as I type. Hooray for smooth soups!!!


Regarding the rest of the photo… In the lead up to the full kick off of the 12wbt I decided to do some research into what I was likely to be facing (which makes it sound like I’m expecting torture LOL).

I already own the Crunch Time cookbook, but this evening I grabbed the full crunch time book so I could get my head around the exercise component of the program better. I’m already liking the more structured approach better then the Weight Watcher’s program. I think it’s going to work better for me.

I also grabbed myself a Tai Chi DVD, because I’ve always been curious about how chilled out people who practice that art seem to be.

I’d like to be chilled out, or just cool at least :p

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