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Long time no blog!

It’s been a surreal month in Brisbane and I haven’t spent anywhere near as much time online as I usually do as a result.

Mr J and I are lucky to live on a hill in the CBD and as such our home didn’t flood. Even more remarkable was the fact we managed to keep electricity during the power cuts to streets on either side of us.

Before and after shot of the area where my sister lives.
Before and after shot of the area where my sister lives (click to view full size).

My sister’s home is located in a suburb called Oxley, and as you can see from‘s shots above, she didn’t fare quite as well as we did. Again though, she was lucky and escaped relatively unharmed, (ultimately spending a week without electricity and having to scrub out the underneath of her Queenslander home once the waters receded).

Everyone knows someone who’s lost everything, the scale of the loss is mindboggling. It has certainly made me take stock of the way Mr J and I live and I’ve been culling our huge number of posessions for donation to charity.

If you haven’t already please consider donating a few dollars to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal so the people who weren’t as lucky as my family can get the help they need to rebuild.

It has really only been the last week that things have begun to feel ‘normal’ again.

Now that our oven is fixed (only took three days – thank you landlord) and we’ve been able to get some fresh ingredients back in our fridge the Pizza Project is back on track!

As with everyone else in Queensland our fresh food costs have gone up markedly and stocks are limited in the supermarket. I’ve been keeping a close eye out for Tomatos to come back into stock in our Woolworths and today full sized tomatos were back (as opposed to cherry, grape or kumato).

After I completed our second pizza related shop and we’re up to a Tally of $77.90 for our 2011 pizza related costs. I was quite happy to discover that the cheese we purchased originally keeps really well if we shrink-wrap it tightly so we’re getting more out of that than originally anticipated. We’ve also gone through a lot less of the flour than we probably would have normally so we’re still on box one of that.

Things learned so far:

  • We don’t use fresh basil quick enough to prevent some of it going off. Today I’ve purchased some pre-crushed herb paste to use for the next few weeks but I plan on looking into if I can freeze basil (or how to turn it into my own paste instead).
  • I overestimate how many mushrooms I like on half a pizza, causing food waste, so I’m sticking to two mushrooms only from now on!
  • Mr J’s side of the pizza will always be very wet due to his salami, cheese explosion preferences. I may be better off building a wall of dough in the middle than continuing to deal with this LOL
  • We’re still less than $100 spent in January so this is most certainly a better option than ordering in!

2011 Pizza Costs: $77.90
That’s $2262.11 less than 2010 so far!

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