Diet Coke Free – and a 12WBT update

Excuse the lack of updates this week!

The upshot of things is I’ve been working, doing my various replacements for cardio exercise, and then crashing HARD due to caffeine withdrawal. I’m on the other side of that withdrawal now and feeling MUCH better, and very well hydrated (woohoo for water).

Running is still on hold, so I’ve been supplementing very long low-intensity walking, swimming, and a lot of incidental exercise in order to keep on top of my fitness. I need to add weights back in again in addition to the body weight resistance. I’m seriously considering taking up CrossFit, it’s expensive though… so I’m just looking into it for now.

Unfortunately I’m not as tight on the nutrition side of things. To be honest I haven’t really been for most of this round. It’s why I’m not kicking massive goals with the weekly average loss. We’re rolling in to week 11 of the 12WBT on Monday, and now I’ve had time to really dig through the recipes I’m feeling a lot more confident about putting together my own sub 1200cal meal plans that also fit a budget & weekend bulk cooking lifestyle. Doing a full 3 meals from scratch program is not for me.

The really good news is the savings I’ve made from not buying take-away lunch and breakfast every day have been invested into my joining Round 2! Currently that puts me in the funny position of being a newbie, and a return member at the same time. 6 weeks until Round Two kicks off and only 2 weeks until pre-season. I want to be 85kg or less by week 1 of the 2nd Round full program.

I can do that!


Fear my Hedgehog legs!
Fear my Hedgehog legs!
Just Keep Swimming!
Ice! Ice! Baby!
Ice! Ice! Baby!


  1. Hey Bec, Sorry to see you not doing so well with your running! you do need to take more time with your epilady if you are going to take pics of your legs, lol. pretty bizzarre photo hey? 🙂

    Its a shame that structured fitness is so expensive!!, I always struggled with the cost of pool entry when I was training, by the time you get into the pool and then payed a coach…..

    Hope things get better for you soon, have you tried any water running yet, I have heaps of waterski life jackets if you needed one to float you while you run. 🙂

    1. Hi Tony,

      I did do some pool running, my pool has aqua belts because they do aerobics there during the week. I think it’s usefull therapy but I’m not a huge fan of doing it for an extended period. It was nice for you to offer me a loaner vest though thank you.

      LOL about the photo – I was trying to take a picture with my mobile with my arm twisted behind my back so it did come out quite odd.

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