52 Weeks

This yo-yo bullshit needs to end. According to my round 1 2012 stats I was 10kgs lighter this time last year. And I’m actually down from a post-xmas 100kg high. There are plenty of excuses I could throw out at this point to justify this current state of affairs, that’s …


This weeks Bones was told from the perspective of the body and I sat here, crushed while it reduced me to tears… Until Mr J walked behind me, farted, and yelled “merry Christmas!!!”

Still Around

I’m around, just really burnt out on my work, diet, exercise and stuff in general. Next week I’ve got a little time off to recharge.

Just f’ing do it

The contrast between who I am, and who I used to be strikes me at odd times lately. I just finished getting my clothing ready for tomorrow, everything’s placed out ironed and ready to roll, ensuring I can’t possibly waste a minute of work-out time tomorrow morning. I have snacks …

Positive moments.

Whirlsie posed an interesting post prompt this week – what’s positive that I’m puling out of the 12wbt this round? Have I started something new in my life? Am I doing something different to the past? I’m not sure that what’s working for me this time around is actually related …

Following that thought….

I went shopping at Aldi today to see how it stacked up against the regular shop I do at Woolies behind my house. WOW Writing down my worst case scenario shop (weekly food + cleaning supplies) this was how they compared. At Aldi I was even able to get steggles …

Frugal is the new black

Tonight I replaced everything I buy from the tuck-shop @ work with a supermarket equivalent. This exercise was inspired by a bit of Maths performed while chilling to some hold music on the phone. If I ensure I buy this stuff each weekend (and remember to take it to work) …

Getting back to normal

It’s been a surreal month in Brisbane and I haven’t spent anywhere near as much time online as I usually do as a result.

Mr J and I are lucky to live on a hill in the CBD and as such our home didn’t flood. Even more remarkable was the fact we managed to keep electricity during the power cuts to streets on either side of us.