Rewards… food was my downfall

The 12WBT Week 3 blog challenge is coincidentally a topic close to my mind this week, because what I’ve found through a lot of introspection since Christmas is that when I take food out of the equation I don’t know how to be kind to myself.

My stand-by rewards have always been:
Salt & Vinegar Chips
6 Individual Pick liqueur sweets from Darrel Lea
Bakery Goods, anything with tomato, herbs or cheese.
A Bottle of Bubbles

Now, the real problem, if I’m honest with you – is that my definition of something requiring ‘reward’ is probably what has caused most of my weight gain over the past 12 months.

“Oh look, I walked to work, aren’t I good?!” = swing past the bakery
“Oh look, I walked home the LONG way, so much extra exercise, clever me!” = chocolates, but only a half-dozen because I know about moderation… LOL
“I was SO good with my chocolate moderation” = swing past the bottle shop for some bubbles to have with my healthy dinner!

See my problem? I don’t know how to measure what deserves a reward. I know this, I’ve had a Christmas present on my fridge (lorna jane voucher – not food LOL) for several months because I’m saving it for when I deserve a reward, it’s still there because I keep second guessing myself.

So here’s the dilemma. This week I lost over the 5kg mark since I started weighing myself again. If I were still following weight watchers I would have been given a lovely clap, a bookmark from my leader and a big pat on the back from everyone. But due to loosing almost a week and a half to illness, and therefore no exercise, I didn’t manage to make my week 4 goals from the 12wbt.

I have improved in fitness, I have improved in measurements, and I’ve lost steady weight. But at what point do other people throw themselves a mini-party and have a reward? Is it about definite goals on paper (or computer) that if you miss you don’t reward yourself? Or is it about keeping up the good work, and keeping up your motivation by being nice to yourself?

Feel free to let me know your opinion in the comments?


  1. Have a mini-party NOW!!! Treat yourself now! You are so worth it and you sooooo deserve it! I’m feeling rewarded everytime I look in the mirror, or someone compliments me… So I’m feeling the love right now! Good luck with your chocolate moderation (hehehe)

    1. uptimegirl

      Hi Marnie, thanks for visiting. I still haven’t figured out how to reward myself, but I’m not confused about the fact I should have one anymore πŸ™‚ Thinking maybe a trip to Pandora or Lorna Jane is in order some time soon!

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