Active August

I think it's safe to say I've taken a few months off obsessing about how I move & what I eat all the time.

I've been weighing in at home, but not tracking online because, well frankly I was sick of the whole thing being in my face all the time.

Despite the good results I was getting following the 12wbt program principles, I feel I came across them during a really awful time in my life. Personal stuff had not placed me particularly well to give 100% to anything, let alone a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Ignoring my gut feeling & doing back to back rounds was a bad move for me.

So for these final few weeks of round two I'm just going to do my own thing & then during Round 3 I'm going to follow the running program (which is what I really enjoy anyway).

Starting back down a more structured exercise plan his month I'm going to exercise every second day during August. I already hit the exercise bike for half an hour this morning, and I'll be walking instead of jumping on the loop bus when traveling to & from work.

Time to make realistic changes that work for me rather than chasing lifestyle changes other people think I should make.


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